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[04 Aug 2006|08:13pm]
Here i am, at the cousins. In Koivuniemi ! HA !
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Long time no see ! [29 Jul 2006|05:39pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Guess who's back, guess who's back ! Whatever.

I was on my very first music festival a couple of weeks ago ! it was so exciting ! ^__^ artists top5 for me was:

1. Maija Vilkkumaa
2. Apulanta
3. Poets of the Fall
4. Eläkeläiset (damn those gramps are harsh from their mouth)
5. Negative

Those are from the once I managed to see ^___^~ The atmoshere was great. I was there with my big sis, Riikka. We spent our nights at Riikkas friends apartment while they were gone for the weekend. It was great spending time with her, I've never talked to anyone so freely than her. I guess she's my only friend, and mom of course. ^___^ i wish to see her son again. I went shopping too ! I bought two new shirts, a top and a skirt, a barrakuda fish tooth neklace, Rurouni Kenshin vol. 2 (eng, naturally), The Three Musketeers book (eng), Journey to the Centre of the Earth book (eng), Outcast of Redwall book (fin), Howl's Moving Castle movie, Neon genesis evangelion 0:2 dvd, um, I guess that's about it.

I went to dad's place after the festival, though I only spent there one full day, and they I had to leave already. I've been in Manamansalo since I came from dad's place.

Oh, and I have a Roborowsky ! ^_________________^v


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[12 Jul 2006|02:49pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So so so ! To Ilosaarirock at weekend ! Wheheh.
Met Joni in the library, actually he's at the computer right in front of me, never thought I'd see him in here. He sat there for a while, looked at me and said: "is it Tanja?" I nod. "it was Tanja, I wondered for a while ! So, what's up?" and then we started chatting bla bla bla, and then after a while Maija shows up, and then I chat with her for a while, and tell her to visit me sometime. And I think I saw Jenni when I came to library, though I'm not sure, she just left, and all I saw was her back. Lots of familiar faces today ! I wonder whom I'm gonna run into next.

It rained like cats and dogs this morning when I woke up. It's not raining now, better didn't, because I gotta go to work in a couple of hours. Two days left of the substitude job, and summer job done ! It'll be over 300 euros to drop in to my account ! ^___^v me rich.

Watched Stage Beauty again last night. Marvellous marvellous movie !

What else.. yeah, I'll beeee goooiiiing nooow. ! 5+

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[29 Jun 2006|03:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Tanja desu !

Yeh, so this is my FIFTH day in Vaala and in my own flat. It's quite nice to live on my on ! ^__^b I can go to a store or anywhere I wish anytime, I have all the peace I need, and on weekends I'll be visiting Manamansalo ! I haven't really missed Manamansalo, even though I feel great to go there tomorrow. But what I miss is internet ! And mom ! ^^' I'm only able to use internet in the library. And I can't dload stuff in here ;__; well, when the schools start, I'll be using lots of time in IT-class and dload stuff in there ~

Dad phoned me yesterday and suggested I'd go to their place after Ilosaarirock. I think it's a great idea. I haven't been there for a year, so it's about time to me to visit my old man. ^_^

Bye for now.

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Kajaani. [22 Jun 2006|06:48pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Today we went shopping to Kajaani. It was pretty nice, it rained only a little, and me and my sis bought ice creams and ate them in the rain ^__^ There werre so many things I wanted, but didn't got enough money. I found this really great skirt, but there weren't sizes. It's weird how it's so difficult to find clothes to me ! I'm like, REALLY, picky, and when I found a clothe I want, there's almost never sizes. And of COURSE the flea market wasn't open today. BUT. I did got a pretty good catch ^__^ Bought Memories of a Geisha- book in english, and a Hanashi no ken- manga. Hanashi no ken was like überexpensive, over 20€ !! But I think it was worth it. :D The story is quite touching.

Tomorrow's Midsummer ! And on Sunday I'll be moving to my own flat. I'm so excited ! ^o^

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Game stuff. [21 Jun 2006|06:40pm]
It's been over two months since I got into Kingdom Hearts. I have the first game, theme songs, deepdive video, trailers, opening introductions and made lots of icons. And yes, I'm still into it, but I don't know if it was vice from me to trade KH I with Jake to FFX. I got bored to the game in Neverland, and Jake was always asking me if he could get a save to it, so I trade it with him to FFX, which I had started over again like 50th time. But hey, I'm still not bored with it ^__^ I was wondering about starting to read the KH manga, and dload the Chain of Memorys to GBA. And I adore the theme songs ! Utada Hikarus Passion and Hikari are both wonderful. Now that Jake got the save, I watched him play it through. I think that the story line is great, and I like the idea of combining FF and Disney.

I started playing Tomb Raider 1 again. XD Yeh, the graphics kinda suck, but I really played it through, so. And I like the excitement and trouble solving in the game. I wish the sound was working ! I don't remember anything about the story line.

Also started playing Tales of Phantasy. Jake has played it quite long already, but I haven't followed, so I'm still a little bit clueless about some stuff in it. But I think it's kinda good game. Btw, it's the GBA version.

Some games I should continue playing: FF Tactics Advanced, FF1, FF2, Pokemon Crystal, Warcraft III, Seiken Denetsu, Chrono Trigger.

Games I wish to have: .hack//G.U, .hack//outbreak, .hack//quarantine. For now, I only wish to have .hacks ^__^'

And I wish to find a place to get cheap english manga !!
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No Subject [19 Jun 2006|08:44pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Today I went to Vaala with mom and sis to make the rent contract for my apartment ^__^b I got the key too, and we went to clean the apartment and took some furniture there ! We put these same kind of pretty curtains to the bedroom as I have in my room at home. And to the kitchen we put these cute yellow-blue-red dotted ones. We're going to go to Kajaani this week, so I can buy more stuff. I had wished that sewing machine would've fit in to the bedroom too, but I don't think it'll fit.

I bought a mag with my sis, and I got the Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Mans Crest- movie poster ! I wish to see it already ^__^v pirate stuff is cool ~ Bought the new Anime mag too.

Watched Grave of the Fireflies again today. It's such a sad movie ! ;___;~ Gotta get Gedo Senki when it comes out btw. Oh, and read that Plastic Tree was coming to Finland ! I guess would've wanted to see them, but I'm working that day.

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What what what ? Bot bot bot ? [16 Jun 2006|08:29pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

What happened during the week !

Tuesday we went to the beach with mom and sis. I didn't swim, of course, because the water was so cold. Even though it was +30 degrees that day ^^' and today was too, in the sunny places.

Don't remember what happened on Thursday, but I guess it was a little colder then.. x__X duh ! it was yesteday and I don't REMEMBER what happened?? Bloody hell.

Yeah, but today we went to Paltamo! (With mom and sis again). Had to buy some decent present for sis' friend who's having a birthday party on Sunday. We went to a bookstore, and I found the Son of Hiroshima ! Oh how I wanted it ! But it cost 20.50€ and I didn't have any money, and mom wouldn't buy it ;___; But someday.. I'll buy it for sure !
Bought Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne though. I don't usually read shoujo, but I guess I'll buy the second volume for this one. Oh ! And mom bought Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for me ! ^__^v It's a special edition, has lots of extras. *potter fanatic* .. haha. But yeh, Severus rules. Watched the movie just now, starting to watch the extras. OH ! Got this COOLEST card with the DVD ! ^o^
Watch him grin happily~!Collapse )

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Dizzy [08 Jun 2006|10:14pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Almost fainted in the shop today ^^'
I went to the local shop for Dig-ins with a bike, and in the checkout I started to lose my vision. I guess I wobbled for a while to the exit without getting the change money and without my stuff, and the checkout lady caught me right before I fell. I couldn't see before me at all and I thought I was gonna throw up x__x~ Then the chechout lady dragged me to the kitchen to rest and gave me something to drink and called my mom. I got my vision back little by little adn started feeling better too. I guess I hadn't drank enough earlier the day, and when I suddenly went cykeling my blood sugar went low. Now I have this great little headache X__X

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[08 Jun 2006|12:11am]
[ mood | yay ]

new layout !

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[07 Jun 2006|11:24pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I need something important to do.

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Chibi ppl happy ppl !!+ [07 Jun 2006|05:52pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Omage yaaaay I'VE MY OWN FLAT !!!!!!!!1=5+

..well, it's not my own, there's this chicko called Mari living there also ^^' but I've got ma own room there, she's got her own room. I'll be moving in.. TWO WEEKS ! ~(^____*)~ Wahahahahaaa, I'm so excited ^__^v

Yeah, so.. YEAH ! --

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[06 Jun 2006|07:11pm]
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[04 Jun 2006|05:49pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

First day of summervacation and I have NOTHING to do !

Woke up at 13:00 (friday it was 14:00 kehehe), played KH for five hours and now hanging in the internet. I really wish to go shopping to Oulu but there's nobody to go with me x__X and I guess it would kinda suck to go alone. But though, I wanna go. Geää. It isn't even warm outside. +12 degrees. Well it is warm, but not as warm as it SHOULD be.


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[03 Jun 2006|06:28pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

A new layout !

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[02 Jun 2006|06:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Can't wait to see the DN movie. Even though the trailers weren't too shabby, I wish to see it. Ryyku was great ^__^v plusses for that. And his voice actor was even better. The laugh was just right.

Tomorrows the last day at school. Well, I wouldn't call it 'school' 'coz they just hand out the diplomas and reports. And then it's finally summer !

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[01 Jun 2006|11:16am]
Tomorrow I'm gonna sleep sleep sleep. Play KH. Play Seiken Denetsu. Sew. Make puzzle. Read lots of DN. Download some Karin. Sleep.
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[31 May 2006|08:59am]
[ mood | cold ]

All my plans for the summer aren't working out ;_______;
I was supposed to go to Germany at one point, but mom won't let me. I was supposed to go to Nekocon but my summerjob JUST HAD TO BE on the same time. And I was supposed to go to Ayabies concert but the tickets were sold out before I could get my hands on them ;____; If the trip to Joensuu to Ilosaarirock will be canceled, I'll kill someone. I SURE DON'T HAVE A LIFE. Also I was supposed to go to Oulu with Anna last friday, but she canceled in the last minute and said she was going to Kajaani. We were also going to Oulu next friday, but it appeared she had a matriculation party for her brother to organize. My lil'sis won't go with me to Oulu, and Jake has work. I bet the plans about moving to Vaala will fail too. Not too optimistic today.
But See-saw is still love.

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New layout~ [30 May 2006|10:42am]
[ mood | blah ]

new layou~ sucky one, but new ^__^ well not totally new but.. IT HAS THE SAME PIC AS THE LAST ONE I KNOW ! XD But I really really like that cute moogle doll, I wanna hug it cuddle it and first of course have one x___o~ Why am I not making any stuffed toys by the way?? I t could be really fun ! ^__^b I've always wanted a Moomba.. *sparkles* or a chocobo !

Today's an easy day, only religion exam and visual arts~~~~
I don't want Topi to retire ;_______; he's so cool and the best and the new techer looked so.. so.. NASTY! Okey okey, being biased, I know X__X~ but really, my drawing skills have improved GREATLY when he's been teaching. Well, I don't know if it's about the teaching or the an inner awakened motivation.. but from him, I've learned so much new styles and ways of drawing, and he's given me many many tips ^__^ and of course I've been an excellent student for three years now, only 10's after seventh grade v(*o~)b

See-saw is love~

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[29 May 2006|09:14pm]
Chibi people happy people !!
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