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I love chocolate and I'm gonna marry it.

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/17 years old
-downloading music/anime/manga/PVs/lives.. you get the idea
-being home
-ppl who play with others feelings
-evil ppl
-those who say they care but really don't
-after downloading a huge file you notice it's broken
-slow connections

-tsubasa reservoir chronicle
-one piece
-nagareboshi gin
-princess princess
-samurai champloo
-final fantasy: unlimited
-one piece
-death note
-elfen lied
-saiyuki gaiden
-tsubasa reservoir chronicle

/other comics
-donald duck (don rosa)
-yuko tsuno
-grave of the fireflies
-rat race
-series of unfortunate events
-stage beauty
-lion king
-the beauty and the beast
-spirited away
-final fantasy
-seiken denetsu
-tomb raider
-kingdom hearts
/sewing, making clothes
-David Eddings
-Margaret Weis
-Christopher Paolini
-Orson Scott Card
-Tracy Hickman
-J. K. Rowling
/playing computer/PS games
-nobuo uematsu
-Chihiro Yonekura
-FictionJunction YUUKA
-ali project
-yuki kajiura
-kotani kinya